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Cosmetology Program Description

Cosmetology is a course study of ALL phases of the art and science related to good and safe grooming. Classes consist of both Theory and Practical or Clinic instruction. The format used for all courses offered includes but is not necessarily limited to the following instructional techniques, written material, printed textbook information, workbook assignments, written test lectures, hands on demonstrations, videos, audio, perform skills on clients, other students and/or a mannequin

Lab/Practical/Clinic Requirements
Shampoo 60 Haircutting 200 Clipping 225
Drying 10 Tinting 30 Bleaching 20
Scalp Massage 20 Brush/Comb 45 Curling 50
Permanent Wave 100 Reconditioning 30 Wiggery 15
Thermal Press 15 Iron Curling 30 Chemical Relaxer 100
Singeing 10

The State of Arkansas requires 1500 hours as follows:

Hygiene & Sanitation: 80 hours - Instruction in sanitation, sterilization, lighting and ventilation, general sanitation duties.

Related Science: 120 hours: Physiotherapy of cosmetic, physiology, histology, anatomy, neurology, mycology and osteology.

Hairdressing: 1000 hours: Cleaning hair, shampooing, haircutting, clipping, dying, tinting, bleaching, scalp, massage, brushing and combing, curling, permanent waving and reconditioning.

Manicuring: 100 hours: A course in the construction, filing and shaping of fingernails, loosing and removing the dead cuticle and the art of hand and arm massage.

Cosmetic Therapy: 100 hours: A course in the skin, various kinds of facial massage, cosmetics, packs, the art of make up, eyebrow arching, eyebrow and eyelash dying.

Salesmanship & Shop Management: 50 hours - Instruction in how to keep records, knowledge of business law, cosmetology law, rules and regulations, booking appointment, retailing, etc.

Shop Department: 50 hours - Courtesy, neatness, professional attitude in meeting the public.

In order to graduate and file for the State Board Exam each student must meet each of the following requirements:

1500 hours of documented legal hours of training of not less than twelve months or more than 20 months in the correct areas required by the State of Arkansas

To be certified you must complete all school examinations with a 75% or higher score, mock state board, school final exam

Submit payment for each of the following exams: Cosmetology,   Manicurist, or Instructor. You must send the money order as well as the properly completed application and your complete school student certificate of training.

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